Featured in "The North Shore Weekend" Newspaper The Cookie Joint™

On Saturday April 3, 2020, The Cookie Joint was featured in "The North Shore Weekend" newspaper who is published by JWC Media Group.

The JWC Media Group is a luxury lifestyle website that delivers a colorful and passionate telling of neighboring events, fashion, beauty, finance, and the pursuit of leisure. This unique site observes the social scene with intelligence, glamour, and style. JWC Media Group offers engaging insight into the extraordinary people and lifestyles that make up Chicago’s most exclusive addresses—the North Shore, the Barringtons, Hinsdale and Oak Brook markets.

The Cookie Joint™ are the original creators of Cookie Fries™.  Cookie Fries are delicious shortbread cookies cut and shaped like crinkle-cut French fries, packaged in classic fry cartons, and served with decadent dipping sauces.  Our Cookie Fries are perfect for special events or to be mailed as gourmet food gifts.  Send cookies or cookie fries as a gift or order them for your next event.

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